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The real transformation starts within yourself


 Research has shown that the ability to inspire and motivate others is the number one competency that differentiates poor from good leaders. Research also indicates that 30%–60% of leaders act destructively. Apparently the things we did before did not work out well enough. 


We understand that you don't feel like registering for 'another' leadership development program. That's why we would like to invite you to our fresh, holistic and pragmatic trajectory on Mindful Leadership. During this sustainable partnership we strive to challenge each other. The combination of research/theory, lot's of inspiring cases, sharing experiences, mindfull practices and healthy food will help us both grow! Are you ready to join us in challenging the status quo, shaking things up and pursuing a real transformation?

Mindful Remote leadership

0.5 day -Happiness at Work 

  • Online session on remote leadership skills
  • How your remote leadership impacts the Culture in your organization
  • How to build TRUST and communicate remotely
  • Pragmatic tools you can apply right away.
  • Corona proof
Mindful Remote leadership


 2 days - Happiness at Work

  • Combination of indoor, outdoor, online and 1-1 coaching sessions and simulation
  • How your Remote leadership impacts the Culture in your organization
  • How to build TRUST remotely?
  • Experiential learning
  • Corona proof
Mindful leadership retreats

2-4 days - Happiness at Work

  • In depth Experiential learning while fostering body mind and soul
  • Mesmarizing locations
  • Boost your personal development and corporate culture
  • Combination of indoor, outdoor and online sessions and simulation
  • Yoga & meditation practices included
  • Customizable 1-1 coaching sessions possible.
  • Corona proof

Book one of these sessions before the 15th of December

(for period November/December/January) and get a 20% discount!


  • You have to reshape your business case
  • Remote working caused disconnection
  • You look for a different, fun and educational way to work on serious issues like Leadership and Communication
  • You would like to explore other sides of your colleagues and get to know each other better
  • You understand that transformation into a successful organization requires continuous investment



  • You think that keep doing the same will help you get through difficult periods
  • You think fun and leadership development won’t go together
  • You are not ready to leave your comfort zone
  • You don't keep the subject on your daily agenda


What's the difference between WannaGo Outdoors and WannaGrow?

WannaGo Outdoors offers outdoor teambuilding sessions for a day. WannaGrow delivers longer term solutions and in-depth trajectories.


What is the price of a teambuilding session?

The price depends on your targets, amount of people, location, catering etc. We will make a tailormade offer. ½ day sessions start from $1500 on.


How can we follow up on the teambuilding?

Together we will plan a 2 hour reflection session. If you book this before the 1st of September, you get this for FREE. Besides looking back, we will advice you on how to move forward and develop a draft on solutions.




Part of our team is not that fit, will this be a problem?

No don’t worry we do not organize sport activities. The event is about how to improve your collaboration and will focus on leadership and communication. In case someone can’t participate in a challenge, it’s up to the team how to deal with that. Like in real life.


How can we make a reservation?

As soon as you agree on the proposal we will send you an invoice and you can transfer a 50% downpayment, to make the reservation final.

How many people can participate?

We offered teambuilding event for teams from 6 -300 people

Eric Vesseur

“We would like to thank you for organizing our Team Building activities! Many of our colleagues shared that this was a great day. They participated with much enthusiasm, had fun and  got the chance to know each other better and most important of all they bonded. You did an excellent job! The activities turned out into a great Team Building experience and I’m confident they will last long into the memories of all. We will gladly recommend WannaGo to improve teams in any industry or setting.”

Eric Vesseur | partner Baker Tilly Curaçao

Book one of these sessions before the 15th of December

(for period November/December/January) and get a 20% discount!

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