Remote team development

Grow, reward and challenge your team.

Remote working is here to stay. 

A Gartner survey of business leaders found that 82% plan to maintain a partial work-from-home structure even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat. As remote leadership and team development require different skill sets, talents and structures, it's now more than ever relevant to adapt your learning & development programs. We used our fifteen years experience in off line Gamification to create a new online, educative and fun team development program. It offers additional benefits that conventional systems are unable to achieve. Let us guide you into this new world of growing your team and having fun!  


Gamification is revolutionizing team building!

Research shows that Gamification increases engagement, instils a sense of accomplishment and improves overall retention tenfold when compared to traditional learning methods! Digital transformation being one of our drivers, we developed an online effective and fun way for team development in a 3-stage trajectory.  


Stage 1: Teamsurvey (online)

Based on Lencioni’s pyramid of high-performance teams we will conduct a survey which provides you a sharp insight in the trust, mood and engagement of your teams. Before any intervention takes place, you should know where you are, to be able to control and develop your growth process. The results will help us design your program. 


Stage 2: "Quaranteambuilding"  game (online)

This a hilarious two-hour game that allows you to discover different sides and talents from each other while engaging and having FUN! Playing with multiple teams makes it even more exciting: a live dashboard on the performance of all teams will keep the team spirit high! During and after the game we will integrate short reflection sessions during which our coaches will give feedback on communication, teamwork and leadership. 

Stage 3: Reflection (online or offline)

Together with your team (s) we will reflect on your online game and results of the team survey. We will facilitate a constructive and transparent dialogue through which you’ll get insight in success drivers and developmental needs of your team. We will help you design a customized program, which can be short, mid or long term and which keeps team development on your daily agenda. 

1 QuaranteambuildingGame

2 hours

  • Free Demo!
  • 2 hr online game to engage, learn an have FUN
  • Fun Teambuilding event!
  • From $25 pp
  • Covid 19 proof
2 Quaranteambuilding Game incl reflection

4 hours 

  • Free Demo!
  • 4 hr online teambuilding program, including the game to engage, learn an have FUN
  • Fun Teambuilding event which includes a coach who reflects on your communication & leadership skills
  • From $35 per person
  • Covid19 proof
3 TeamSurvey + Quaranteambuilding+ Reflection

2 days

  • This 3-stage trajectory consists of: 1) online Survey 2) Online Quaranteambuilding game 3) Reflection and advice on follow up program
  • You will get insights in what you need to realize your collective ambition
  • Trajectory includes "0-meting": online TeamSurvey based on Lencioni's pyramid
  • Covid19 proof

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